Tuesday, July 05, 2005

News of the day

Dennis Dodd writes a conference shift piece. I really think these guys should start calling their columns/articles/features blogs because Dennis takes a colorful approach to things with this piece that strays from traditional journalism (for example: calling the ACC raiders, when he knows this was a long dance among many teams). He can do what he wants, but at least as a blog the expectations for bias and opinion are different.

Here’s an interesting story on a BC assistant getting snubbed for a job with the BU women’s hockey team...because he is a man. Gender bias works both ways, I guess. I wonder how many women apply for jobs with men’s sports? I am not a lawyer, but the BU coach was dumb for telling the candidate that he didn’t get the job because he had a penis. Gary Barnett is the only football coach I could see saying something like that.

Princeton named Mike Fassel its director of football operations. Mike is a good guy who has overcome a lot, so best of luck to him. If he stayed healthy last year (he got hurt horsing around in his dorm room) I think we would have beaten Wake and Pitt. While I would like to think his two BC degrees made the difference in the hire, his connections didn't hurt.

Here is an interview with John Swofford on the new ACC. They mention the U.S. News rankings, but I have a feeling that BCS rankings are (and will be) more important.

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Fanblogs.com said...

Dodd's opinion column is just that, his opinion column. Calling it a blog would be way off base (as it has no external links within content) and --and this is just my opinion-- kinda gives blogs a bad rap. Not every b logger is as blatently biased as Dodd.