Thursday, July 14, 2005

So long, Shalin and other things

Wednesday night on WEEI, Mike Shalin confirmed that he is no longer with the Boston Herald. The Herald has not announced his replacement. Supposedly the paper is struggling, so it wouldn't surprise me to see them cut coverage from a beat status to just game stories. There were times when I felt Mike and Mike (the two BC beat writers) left a lot to be desired, but I am sad to see Shalin go. His basketball coverage stood out this season. Who knows if the team's play inspired him or he just hit a groove, but it was noticeably better. Best of luck to him in his new endeavors.

Nice article on our two Columbus boys. I’m glad someone finally admitted that they let the Fiesta Bowl slip through their fingers.

Here’s an article from the News & Record on our lack of rivals in the ACC. These things take time and I would gladly have the blank slate of the ACC than the litigious BS of the Big East.

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