Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday news

FSU-BC generated a lot of press. Most of it was the same angle. Here are the things that I thought were different or worth reading.

Will Blackmon and Leon Washington bonded at the conference meetings this summer.

TOB was part of the staff that handed FSU their first ACC loss. Vega takes him down memory lane and TOB ends up giving most of the credit to other people.

Tim Layden was on campus this week. Gene D. and TOB did their best to cast BC as the David in this matchup.

Corey from Sporting Fools and I took our exchange over to his place.

As I’ve said before, BC’s relationship with the surrounding neighbors is always combative. So it is no surprise that the locals are not happy about Saturday. However, the greater Boston area loves the ACC.

Former SID Reid Oslin's article was revealing in who it quoted -- recent BC hire Chad Swofford! I had no idea John’s kid was on the athletic department staff. I am sure he is qualified (and in full disclosure I am in my father’s industry) but you gotta hand it to Gene D. The guy knows how to network.

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