Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Guest Blogger: Sporting Fools

While the blogpoll has not sparked a voting revolution, it did introduce me to a lot of good blogs I would not have known about. Sporting Fools blog about many things, but have a special place in their hearts for Florida State.

In an effort to get a little more insight on the Seminoles, I asked Corey from Sporting Fools to answer a few questions. His answers follow:

1. What is Florida State's Achilles heel and how should BC exploit it?

Well when you've got two redshirt freshman quarterbacks playing in their third game, that's where the weakness lies. Drew Weatherford will start and of the two QBs, he is more prepared for starting. The offense with Weatherford behind center is going to revolve around the running backs Leon Washington and Lorenzo Booker. Miami was able to shut down the run and force Weatherford to pass, which he didn't do very well (to the tune of 7-for-24 for 71 yards, five of the completions were dump screens). Despite putting up huge passing numbers against the Citadel, I seriously doubt the Seminoles will use the same spread offense this week with it being Drew's first road start in an important conference game with the potential for a hostile environment. I expect Drew to struggle early, he will struggle early but if he doesn't turn the ball over he should be okay.

As for exploiting this weakness, I expect BC to blitz on obvious passing downs and load the box on first and second down to force third and long situations. The more Weatherford is pressured, the more rattled he's going to be.

2. Aside from the big names, who is an unheralded difference maker that BC fans should be aware of?

Linebacker Marcello Church is a big key on defense because he's the "buck" lineman whenever the Seminoles go to a 3-4. He's quick off the line and he'll get to the quarterback in those passing situations (two sacks against Miami). You won't hear a lot about the senior, especially considering the All-America quality linebackers already on the team, but he's a major part of the scheme this week.

On offense the difference maker might have to be superstar recruit Fred Rouse. The freshman, in only his third game, will be in charge of returning punts and in this game I feel like the winning play will be on special teams. Rouse has the ability and the flair to make a big play in a big situation.

3. FSU was supportive of the ACC expansion, but what is the general opinion among 'Nole fans of BC?

Most FSU fans have had this game circled on the calendar since the schedule was realized. Many of the fans are pysched about going to Boston, there's a huge alumni/fan group in the city already and I expect many Seminole fans there this weekend. Overall I think FSU has a high opinion of what BC is going to bring to the conference -- exposure to the New England region, strong academic history and strong athletics program with a very underrated fanbase. This an exciting time and I know many Nole fans look forward to the rivalry that will be built.

Check out Sporting Fools throughout the season for more info on FSU and plenty of high-quality live blogging on college football.

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