Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday news

The USA Today featured Quinton Porter. The reporter mentioned the same sequence that caught my eye (Porter’s TD to Gonzalez) as an example of his maturation.

ESPN selected the Dustbowl as its base of operations. You can’t see the stadium from there, but it will allow students to pack the set. Cold Pizza will also broadcast from the Dustbowl on Friday. Skip and Woody, I recommend the chicken fingers at The Rat.

Florida State fans are excited about the game.

Stewart Mandel thinks we can win a defensive battle.

Here’s an interesting article on assistant salaries. The writer inserts the typical “how can they make more than professors” comparison. I know many professors and I can tell you: assistant are underpaid. They put in many more hours and have half the job security that professors have. Also, the good professors can make much more with publishing and outside consulting.

The Bears cut Marc Colombo. He never regained his form after his rookie-year injury.

From the where are they now file: former BC QB Eric Boatwright.

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