Monday, October 17, 2005

Blogpoll ballot

BC barely budged in the AP poll. There was a slight jump in the coaches. Eagle fans are up in arms as to why Notre Dame, Florida State and Penn State were not penalized more for their losses. My suggestion: get over it. If BC wins, things will take care of themselves. As a voter in the blogpoll, I have new understanding for how the polls move. Writers cannot see every game so national games, national teams and water cooler moments stick out in voters' minds. ND lost the game, but made believers out of a lot of voters. My ballot is below.

Games I watched:
Wake Forest-BC 100% (twice)
USC-Notre Dame 80%
Georgia-Vanderbilt 50%
Florida State-UVA 60%
Clemson-NC State 50%
Florida-LSU 20%

1. Southern Cal
2. Virginia Tech
3. Texas
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
7. Miami (Florida)
8. Louisiana State
9. Boston College
10. Texas Tech
11. Ohio State
12. Florida State
13. Penn State
14. Auburn
15. Oregon
16. Tennessee
17. Notre Dame
18. Wisconsin
19. West Virginia
20. Florida
21. Fresno State
22. TCU
23. Nebraska
24. Michigan State
25. Virginia


Jay said...

how do you have BC ahead of a 1 loss FSU team that beat us soundly at home?

Talk about a homer.

ATL_eagle said...

I am a total homer. The blogpoll even factors this in.