Monday, October 17, 2005

Thoughts on Sunday's papers

I didn’t write anything about this yesterday, but I wanted to give kudos to two writers’ work from Sunday.

First Kevin Armstrong wrote a feature on Matt Ryan for the Globe. Kevin was writing for the Heights last year and is now getting bylines in the one of elite papers in the U.S. Not bad. And good job turning this around so quickly.

The other pat on the back goes to Steve Conroy for taking the time to write a QB controversy article. Vega didn’t even get around to mentioning it until Monday’s paper. How can the Globe beat writer ignore the elephant in the room after seeing the starter meltdown and the backup save the day? Vega is a nice guy, but he makes some questionable editorial decisions.


Ian said...

Your #25 can't get into a bowl?

ATL_eagle said...

Ian, the Bowl projections are a lot harder than they look. Of course, I have been shooting my mouth off for years. Re: UVA. I ranked them at 25 for the FSU win, but bowl hopes are still 50/50. Can you guys beat Miami, and the two Techs?

Ian said...

Perhaps not, but it's not unreasonable to think a win at UNC, and at home against Temple and GT has us at 7-4.