Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bummer Ball

If the Hokie style of play gets the Beamer Ball tag, I'll call this Bummer Ball. Once again BC fans are brought to the final rung only to be knocked down a peg.

The Defense did their part. The special teams did their part. The offense did nothing. A predictable off night for Porter. Unfortunately a bad night for the offensive line too. I'll have more thoughts Friday and second viewing thoughts this weekend.


Jay said...

come on ATL, be fair, the defense got steamrolled. we had no answer for their attack.

about the most exciting play on offense for BC was Bible putting Toal in on 3rd and short and then running a QB sneak. GENIUS!

ATL_eagle said...

The defense gave up a ton of yards, but held them to their second lowest point total of the season (23). Bend but don't break is cowardly, but sometimes it is the most effective game plan. I'll take another look. But my initial reaction was that the d played well.

Deacon Drake said...

I think the defense missed a few tackles that would have gotten them off the field. The offense needed to get a couple first downs to keep them fresh, though. The fact the D held tight for the 2nd half (3 points, crap ton of yards though) shows that they wanted it. Both Tech's TDs were a foregone conclusion- everyone in the bar knew it was a TD when the ball was snapped. The OLBs were a little too aggresive and were exploited.

Ryan throws a MUCH crisper pass than Porter. Porter's passes have a "hump" to them: they appear to come out normal, but as they travel down the field in excess of 12 yards, the ball literally rises and sinks (and sometimes when going over 20 yards, floats). This is probably a difficult ball to catch, and also gives the d-back an extra half step to make the play.

UNC is a pretty decent defensive team (better than Wake) if you take away that Louisville game, and probably a little sore were kick them around last December. Ryan must start.