Friday, October 28, 2005

Wins and losses

BC is playing the wrong quarterback. There is a faction of BC fans (and perhaps even a few people on the coaching staff) who ignore this, because they want Quinton Porter to do well. These apologists will blame Dana Bible or Porter’s teammates. I don’t think Bible is perfect and realize that this is a team sport. You win and lose as a team. But I do think a quarterback is responsible for making the offense run. He is responsible for getting the ball to his playmakers. Porter is not doing either. And while it is hard to measure, I do think players respond differently based on their QB.

There are tons of stats that people will throw around trying to defend or bury Porter. I think this one is pretty straight forward:

QuarterbackRecord as starter
Brian St. Pierre17-9
Paul Peterson12-2
Quinton Porter9-7*
Matt Ryan2-1

Why does Quinton get the asterisk? Because he started the Wake Forest game…a game the team won without him. If Matt Ryan didn’t bail him out, his record as a starter is 8-8. That might be good at some schools but it places him well below his predecessors and likely successor. QP is a unique example. He played with the same guys as St. Pierre. The same guys as Peterson. And now the same guys as Ryan. There could be a million excuses why the team plays differently when he is in there. Maybe none of them are his fault. At this point, I don’t care if the team responds better because Matt Ryan has naked pictures of them all. What we are doing now is getting by. We need to put the nice guy out to pasture and play the best quarterback.