Friday, October 28, 2005

Family feud

Notre Dame and Boston College are ending their series. I’ve given my two cents on this many times. I am disappointed that there are only a few games left, but really think it is better for BC. First it will hopefully rid our fans of the all-Irish obsession. By focusing so much time and energy into that game, we’ve lost juice out of other matchups. Our players and coaches got into the act too. It was great beating them four straight and five out of six, but what was the benefit? Flat games against teams we should’ve beaten like Syracuse? We have more than enough hurdles and marquee teams in our conference to focus on without putting all of our chips in the Notre Dame basket.

I am also glad we won’t have to deal with Notre Dame fans any more. I like Charlie Weis and I respect the Irish tradition and lore. I really dislike the way most Irish internet fans act towards BC. I understand that there are jerks all over the web (BC ones included). And BGS and NDNation are two of the best at what they do. But they cater to the “Fredo”-calling, smug nitwits who live to shit on BC. These people claim we are irrelevant, worthless, wannabes and what not, yet obsess about us and our travails on their message boards. If we are so irrelevant, why do they spend so much time discussing us? They claim we turned our back on the Big East. Please. Notre Dame could have saved the Big East a dozen different times. Instead they looked out for Notre Dame. Just like BC looked out for BC.

Hopefully the final four games will be classics and show the good qualities that both schools represent. Then it should be on to bigger and better things…Ever to Excel.


BC Eagle said...

Great post. I've been huffing and puffing all day because I've been reading the trash talk on the various ND sites, but you've really put it in perspective. When BC sweeps the last four games, "11-9" will trump "14-7" or "41-39" as my favorite number combination!

anotherloss said...

ND had chances to save the confernece, but they had no duty to, they weren't in the conference like BC was. ND had no responsibilty to look after the Big East. BC shat on the Big East. ND is keeping thier contract for 3 Big East Games a year to help them come back into prominance like the Big East was before VT, Miami, and BC left.

Alex L. said...

No schools have any duty to any conference whatsoever. They only have duties to their respective administrations. The AD of BC does not have an obligation to raise money for the BE or the ACC, only BC. Same for ND. If ND wants to schedule games for BE teams, fine, but there's no obligation there.

Joe said...
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