Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cavalier Kai

If you haven't seen the Butler cheap shot, go here.

Now as I said, the ABC affiliate here in Atlanta switched games midway through the second quarter. Fortunately there is a sports bar right down the street. It was packed with people watching other games so we were in the corner with two UVA fans and two other BC fans. I could not hear any of the audio, but saw enough to realize it was flagrant and extremely dangerous. I understand rough play and aggressive play. This was neither. What confuses me most is why would one kid potentially ruin another’s career? They are all at risk out there, and by taking someone out like that, you in turn make yourself a target and are due for some bad karma.

The UVA fans, who we had never met, were equally disgusted. They apologized to us and walked out after the blocked punt. The guy was a coach and said he would never tolerate that. The real question is will Al Groh?

Here were his comments after the game: “I don't have any commentary on that. That is up to the officials. I remember plays that determine who won the game." Well Al, that play fired up our team and led directly to us pounding you for the rest of the half. I’ll give Groh a pass on the comment since it was immediately after the game. But if he doesn’t suspend Butler for at least one game he is a scumbag and a coward. TOB can be frustratingly rigid and stubborn, but the guy will put his beliefs before a W. He suspended his best player, William Green, before facing one of the best teams in the history of college football (the 2001 Miami team). At the time, I was angry. In retrospect, he did the right thing for his team, the program and my alma mater. BC has produced more than its fair share of jerks, but most of them were dealt with or kept in line while at the Heights.

Butler had this to say: "I have no comment on the incident. I was not called for a penalty on that play. In the past I've played hard and to the whistle. I'm more interested in the fact we lost the game…it doesn't have anything to do with me."

Once again, it was after the game and he was probably coached to say that. I hope he privately apologizes, but a public apology would go a long way. I’m Catholic, but I do believe in karma. Hopefully FSU will hang 60 on the ‘Hoos.

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Ian said...

You won't have to rely on things like karma in order for FSU to drop 60 on us. Oh well, at least we didn't do anything stupid like give Al Groh a lengthy, financially crippling contract extension.