Sunday, October 09, 2005

More fallout from the Butler cheap shot

Here is a longer version of the play with full game context.

As of Sunday afternoon, Groh was still undecided about what he might do to Butler.

TOB is asking the Conference to review the play.

Now, let us look at the two coaches. Groh says a lot of nothing. TOB, whose player was on the receiving end of the cheap shot, takes responsibilty for his players not handling themselves. I guess Groh answered my scumbag question.

Now, I've pimped Sexy Results all week. Sunday, Ian went off on his school. Here is what he said about Butler. "Nationally, we're seen as a team that bullies weak programs, loses every big game we're lucky enough to be in, and worse yet, Brad Butler sealed the deal by going out of his way to cripple not only a future NFL star, but a fucking humanitarian. Joe Sixpack wishes pain on us. And what does Groh say in response? "I don't have any commentary on that. That is up to the officials. I remember plays that determine who won the game." Bullshit. BC's crowd was half-asleep until that shit went down.

If I were Groh, I'd cut Butler from the team. Since I'm not Groh, I hope to see a multi-game suspension. I don't care how much we need him on the line. All I know is that what happened to Kiwi will be talked about a lot, and many are going to assume that his "play to the whistle" tactics are the result of coaching. The face of UVA football is comprised of people like Tiki Barber, Herman Moore and Chris Slade. We pride ourselves on being a classy program, and we were up in arms when Ron New Mexico flipped off the WVU crowd. Butler was on some Cobra Kai shit. You don't think someone like Beamer will bring up this when he's in ma's house trying to recruit their latest DB star away from us?

Read Ian's full rant here.


J A Greer said...

Jason, from CU Sporting News... Wow! what a cheap shot y'all took. If UVa won't suspend the player, the ACC at least should, for multiple games. In the NFL, that's a $50,000 fine at least.

Sorry to see that, but all the best the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

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