Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday time fillers

Outside of the follow up to the Butler cheap shot, there wasn’t much Boston College football or basketball news this week.

Here are the stories that might be worth your time.

The Charlotte Observer came out with their midseason grades. BC got an A. I would probably give the team a B+.

Is the ACC the best football conference? At the top maybe, but we still lack the depth of the SEC.

Regular readers probably know that Kiwi is not out for Saturday. Here is a nice feature on his replacement Jake Ottolini.

The Globe focused their story on William Troost. This article includes some worrisome details on Ohliger. If the coaches and players are saying this much in the press, then I really think the Ohliger is a headcase. I don’t know if we can trust him for an important kick for the rest of his college career.

The Roanoke Times took a redemption angle on this notebook on Spaziani. I’d be interested to hear more about why he was run out of Virginia. He is not a mastermind, but year in year out he produces solid defenses.

An Eagle Action reader found this TOB interview.

Finally, Sexy Results tipped me off to another BC blogger. This blog has little to nothing to do with BC sports, but his diaries include a lot of names and references to his time in Boston. Good for a few laughs.

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