Friday, October 14, 2005

Hoop it up

When Boston College’s basketball season came to an abrupt end last spring, I envisioned the offseason as a time to dissect the team and its upcoming foray into the ACC. Well, the season starts at midnight and I haven’t done much besides lecture Sean Williams. Blame football and life. I promise not to give basketball the short shift this season and will apply some of the stuff I learned from Dean Oliver in my blog. In the meantime here are some primers for the season.

ESPN places us in the Top 10. Fairly accurate preview. However, I don’t think it is getting to the line that leads us to victory. It’s our passing.

Sports Illustrated is not as enthusiastic. We are slotted at 13 in their poll.

As always, read Yoco for his fantastic college basketball news gathering and Kenpom for different looks at the game.

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