Monday, October 24, 2005

Reading the tea leaves

The basketball staff knows how to work the media. If they want something out, they release it to friendly reporters. The latest good news: Tyrese Rice is kicking ass in practice. Now to group him with the other diamonds in the rough is a little unfair. Unlike Bell, Smith and Dudley, he had offers from other big time programs. In the past when news like this came out, the players lived up to the hype. Hopefully Rice will too.

Plenty of basketball news. FOX Sports is worried about the loss of Williams. I think he will be back. Indications are good. Dudley is as cocky as ever. Craig Smith is turning heads. A lot of this was captured by Boston College Blog. (He is my Lloyd Braun.)

Kiwi is not listed on the two deep. Not good. I am still holding out hope.

Finally, put me in the Matt Hayes is a dumb ass camp. I understand that it is tough to follow a lot of teams. If you can’t do it well, you are better off focusing on the teams you actually know. Exhibit A: "That has plagued Porter throughout his career — he tries to use his strong arm to get him out of tough spots." What? Anyone who has followed Quinton knows that arm strength is one of his major weaknesses. If anything, he tries to get out of tough spots with his legs. I would rather read something about another team than read Hayes’ nonsense about my team.

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