Monday, October 24, 2005

"Rooting for laundry”

Virginia Tech is supposedly going to wear a special edition Nike jersey on Thursday night. I anticipate something Oregon-like. Anyone remember the last time an undefeated, Top 5 team wore a special uniform against BC?


BC Eagle said...

Wow - where'd you hear that? Do you think we take this as a sign of respect?

ATL_eagle said...

Not a sign of respect. More likely Nike wants to use the national tv space as a nice four-hour ad.

Ian said... many jokes in regards to Tennessee's orange unis can apply here.

Jaime Lannister said...

Bill, you're out. BCEagle, YOU get the waterpik.

Either way, guys who try to be serious journalists on their blogs are the worst so you guys both suck. Bloggers should stick to stories about going to the nude beach.

If either blogger can do investigative reporting and get me the real name and/or address of Father Barrett I will pay them $500 dollars and send them an autographed video of me beating him and his fat wife to death. That guy should die of a painful embolism.