Sunday, November 13, 2005

Peaches and politics

If you couldn’t tell, I am somewhat preoccupied with our bowl position. Seven years of third-tier games creates a weird mix of hope and cynicism. Here is what I know. We are not going to the BCS. We are not going to the Gator. Virginia Tech will get that invite. A lot of people are saying “if the Hokies go BCS it might open a slot for us blah blah blah.” Don’t count on it. I think Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, and Oregon are all more desirable and more likely at large bids.

I think the best bowl we can go to is the Peach. Obviously that would be ideal for me. I also think it would excite plenty of other BC fans not from this region. But it is still a long shot. First we need to beat Maryland. No small task.

Then we have to hope for a total Florida State meltdown. If Florida State loses to Florida and then loses the ACC Championship game there is a chance that the Peach would pass. Auburn, South Carolina and Georgia would all be sure sellouts, so the Bowl organizers would start thinking about TV matchups instead of ticket sales. Who is more appealing: a reeling Seminoles team or BC? Recent evidence would show that BC is a surprisingly strong TV draw.

Then there is the Champs Bowl factor. Florida State would surely sell more tickets in Orlando than we would. If they finish their year with four straight losses, would they take one for the Conference and go to the Champs? I don’t think so, but there is a chance.

So what should BC fans hope for? A strong showing against Maryland, a SEC invitee that is close to Atlanta and a total FSU meltdown.

If we make the Peach, you can all crash at my place.


Ian said...

Man, oh man...wouldn't it be nice for both of us to get that UNC game back.

Unknown said...


"If we make the Peach, you can all crash at my place."

I think you meant..."You can both crash at my place."

(rim shot....poking fun at the BC turnout at the Music City Bowl). It's take cheap shots at the attendance or be reminded that we lost that game.

Unknown said...

I think the Peach would LOVE to have FSU from the ACC.

Option 1: Richt vs. Bowden II
-- Teacher vs. Pupil story line. Two name programs with huge fan bases that the two schools can get excited about playing in a Tier 2 bowl. Good TV matchup. Georgia goes to the Peach if we lose the SECC game.

Option 2: Spurrier vs. Bowden
-- This would be a great matchup. SC goes here if they lose to Clemson. If they win vs the Tigers, the Outback will select out of order and pick them per Tony Barnhart of the AJC.

Those are the 2 most likely matchups for that bowl. If VT could somehow make the BCS (which is a stretch) and if FSU could win the ACCC game, then maybe the Gator goes ahead and picks Miami for the return trip to Jax. They've said they don't want the loser of that game.

Then maybe you could slip into the Peach. But if FSU is available, I think they're going to take them. They're a sure bet.

ATL_eagle said...

Paul, don't you think a five loss FSU team would be less desirable than Seminole teams of old.