Thursday, February 02, 2006

Football notes

Vega covered recruiting and our pending schedule issue with Ohio U pretty well in this article.

My two cents on both:

Recruiting...I like the mix of regions. As I’ve said before I give little weight to the rankings (middle of the pack according to most services). I am concerned about lack of depth on the offensive line. Check back in with me in five years and I’ll tell you how good this group actually was. I also hope to have a recruiting-themed interview with a BC staff member in the next few weeks (we’ll see if Sports Information approves the line of questioning.)

If the Ohio U game falls through, I would love to see us pick up a big game against a BCS opponent instead of another MAC school. I like next year’s team and think starting the season in a big game could be a nice shot in the arm for the program. MAC games don't inspire the team or fan base.


MattyR08 said...

I'm a little worried about WR depth. With Lilly gone, theres Gonzo, BRob, Challenger, Sele, and ?

tkow said...

They must be hoping that one of the newcomers will develop. (Love that we got a wideout measurably over 6 feet!)

Jaime Lannister said...

No running back for two years and very little OL depth are major concerns. I am sick and tired of TOB player-by-committee at skill positions. Give guys reps to get better GingerBiotch.