Thursday, February 16, 2006

Turning points

The first BC-Miami game was a turning point for BC. The Eagles came into the game still trying to prove themselves and overcome their slow ACC start. Although Miami entered the first matchup with six losses, the Canes were riding high with wins over ranked UNC and Maryland. Since that game both teams have gone in opposite directions. BC built off the Miami win and is 6-1 since. Miami is 3-3 since the first matchup and has let winnable games slip away.

The Miami game also served as a turning point for two players -- Tyrese Rice and Sean Willaims. Rice’s late 3 showed he could be a clutch shooter and Williams defensive stops were the first sign of the player who changed games defensively as a Freshman.

Where does that leave us tonight? BC wants to build on its improving record and solidify a bye in the ACC tournament. Miami desperately needs a win to keep their bubble from bursting.

What does BC need to do? This is overly simple, but rebound and hope Miami doesn’t make its 3s. The ‘Canes take a ton and made 10 in the first matchup. I would like to see Rice and Haynes get more time since they are our best perimeter defenders. Miami’s defense has been slipping of late and their current adjusted Defensive Efficiency is not that much better than BC’s. This game should be a BC win, but they haven’t made anything easy lately.

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