Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's up with Williams?

Considering he is a role player, Sean Williams generates a lot of discussion among BC fans. Part of it is expectations. Part of it is his highly-public offseason screwup. Many thought he would return and dominate. Instead it has been moments of brilliance combined with long periods on the bench, mistakes on the court and a few stretches where he looks like a contributing ACC center. His numbers are down and many are saying he is regressing. I’ve seen bits and pieces that make me think he is about to turn the corner and believed that his numbers only seem down due to reduced playing time and games. In an effort to see if my hunch was right, I broke down his per minute averages from last season and this one.

Blocks per min0.1350.096
Steals per min.0.0150.029
rebounds per min0.2020.188
points per min.0.2410.179

So on a whole his blocks, points and rebounds are down. His steals are up. But his pace on most of these stats is in line with last season. Certainly not progress but clearly not the regression that many fans are claiming. Where does he go from here? The first Miami game marked a beginning. Sean dominated defensively in the closing minutes. Maybe the second Miami game will mark another step up and his play will get better and better down the stretch. Or he could just keep going at his current pace and this will be his lost season. I hope for the former.

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