Monday, February 27, 2006

Where we are going and where we aren’t (basketball edition)

All kidding aside BC fans do care who and where we will play. After each Lunardi update there is a series of posts on Eagle Action about what it means. Like any snapshot in time, it doesn’t mean much. The tournament is not starting today, so saying where we would land if it did end today is a fun, but ultimately pointless exercise. However, you can say where we won’t play -- Atlanta and Greensboro. How do I know? Well it would take a total meltdown for Duke not to get a No. 1 seed. If the Dukies get their spot, they will be placed in the Greensboro pod and in the Atlanta region. Since it only looks like four ACC teams will be in the tournament, I think it is safe to predict that the remaining ACC teams (UNC, BC and NC State) will be dispersed over the other regions.

I think it is highly probably for us to end up in the Philadelphia bracket. This is my reasoning: The Philly bracket will have a Big East team as its No. 1 seed (UConn or ‘Nova). I don’t think they would put another Big East team as that bracket’s No. 4 or No. 5 (and it looks like the Big East will have a bunch of 4s and 5s). Therefore an ACC team like BC would be a perfect fit.

We’ll see how it plays out. Depending on our finish BC could be anywhere from a 3 to an 8.

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