Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More on assistants

There seems to be legitimate concern (in the comments on this blog and on the boards) about losing Cooley and Coen at the same time. Not to minimize their contributions, but I think we will be okay. Current and capable staff members Pat Duquette and Bonzie Colson are expected to get promoted.

But let me continue to explain why I am not worried. Every good coach thinks a step or two ahead. I am sure Al has played the "what if" game when dealing with the loss of any staff member(s). With Coen and Cooley in the mix for so many jobs, Al's prep and network would have been doubly important. And these things are rarely a surprise. For example, a friend of a friend is in Basketball Operations at Duke. He knows that if Johnny Dawkins leaves, he will be hired as part of Dawkins' new staff. I am sure Al has/had similar deals in place with his guys, hence Colson knew/knows that he would get a shot as a BC assistant if there was an opening. I am sure the other spot and the basketball operations spot will be filled quickly with names Al already has in mind. My hope is for a veteran assistant looking for work to fill out the coaching staff and seeing a young guy get the basketball operations position.

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