Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What I am reading

While I would like to think that everyone who frequents this blog comes here for my insight, wit and revolutionary discussion of BC sports, I know that for many people it is just a midday diversion from their work day. Since this is Holy Week it is a pretty slow news time for BC and BC sports, so I thought I would take the time to highlight a few other sites and blogs doing good work.

If you are a sports fan and not a Deadspin regular, you are missing out. Snark and substance and some of the best links around.

This is my hundredth or so endorsement of EDSBS, but they are really worth any college football fan’s time.

It is baseball season, so the guys at FireJoeMorgan get to sharpen their knives almost daily. Great funny reads and news analysis.

I found Chris’ blog when looking for Wake stuff. It turns out he has pretty interesting and funny takes on most sports. I especially enjoy when he answers PTI questions.

When BC has a major coaching change I hope I cover it as well as the guys from StateFansNation are handling their opening.

If there are other blogs I should be reading please email me or include them in the comment section.

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