Thursday, May 04, 2006

froogle: "boston college"

"Oh it looks good on you, though!"

Last week there was a discussion on the Eagle Insider boards about how the 'angry chicken' logo makes much of the officially licensed BC merchandise unappealing. The conversation turned to some of the atrocious hats produced. These ugly lids are obviously targeted for a younger crowd. Even though I once owned a pair of zubaz, I have now crossed over into old fart territory where I like my hats clean and traditional. (I’ve replaced zubaz with whale pants.) At least I know who is buying the ugly hats. There are other products that confound me. Who is buying the officially licensed BC mustard? Or the official mesh loofa sponge? I am a sucker for BC products, but even I draw a line. Would going to the game with this thing on be more fun?

And BC isn’t even in the Top 25 when it comes to licensing and merchandising. I cannot imagine some of the shit that might be available with say the Ohio State logo or Alabama’s colors. I am all for supporting your team, but the snob in me still believes in good taste.

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