Monday, May 01, 2006

Quick hoops update

I am in the middle of Finals and a busy work schedule so this is just a quick update for today. Look for more expansive stuff throughout the week.

First Rhode Island prospect Rakim Sanders committed to BC. There was some question as to what he would do after the turnover in assistants, so this is a good get. Kudos to Al and his new staff for keeping this kid interested.

BC is ending its basketball series with Holy Cross. Too bad as this was one of the last remnants of the old rivalry. Al was against the series as there is little upside -- BC is supposed to win and if we lose people ask what happened. Plus the series has gotten a little chippy of late. BC is filling the void with Kansas, so real hoop fans can't complain. Hopefully BC and the Cross will renew the series in a few years (it just makes sense for both teams).

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Maryland Conservatarian said...

re: BC dropping HC. The game was a getting a little chippy? BC outmanned HC at every position and you guys are complaining about a little chippiness? Are you seriously suggesting that the HC game was more physical than almost any ACC game you played? This decision is Al Skinner at his whiny, gutless-wonder best.

Reminder - Overall Series: Holy Cross - 57, BC - 52