Monday, December 11, 2006

Another day, another batch of names

Further confirmation of the Whipple meeting.

The Times-Dispatch reports that Dave Clawson is a candidate. This mentions him as a possible assistant, but wouldn't that decision be made by the new head coach? I am not opposed to Clawson, but Gene would have to really get out there and sell him to the fans and alums. This also lists Kevin Gilbride as a candidate. Full disclosure: I went to high school with Kevin's daughter. I have not talked to her since, but I don't think Kevin would be a good hire.

In this article on the Stanford job (which I guess interests Fassel more than the BC job) there is a small summary at the end of the article with our supposed five finalists. Good news: Davie is not listed. Random news: Jay Norvell is. Norvell is the current Nebraska OC and has not connection to BC. Given the other guys in the mix, I would be shocked if Norvell is ever offered the job.

New feature alert! For the next week or so, I am going to have my daily, purely speculative ranking of the candidates and whether they are rising, falling or neutral.

Current Ranking
1. Mark Whipple -- neutral
2. Jeff Jagodzinski -- rising
3. Dave Clawson -- rising
4. Bob Davie -- falling
5. Steve Kragthorpe -- neutral

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