Monday, December 11, 2006

Finishing the season

Here is a link on Whipple and how IF he gets the job, he will finish the season in Pittsburgh. As I wrote on the AOL Fanhouse, this will be an issue with nearly any NFL assistant. But if you hire the right guy it is worth the wait.

There continues to be rumblings of a mystery candidate. Speculation/guesses/rumors include Rob Ianello, Al Golden, Dave Clawson, and Jack Bicknell, Jr. The whole idea of a mystery candidate seems stupid to me. Why should the administration and their leaks in the media force intrigue into this process? Every possible name has been thrown out there on the blogs (including this one) or message boards. If someone is interviewed, why hide it? We all know about Whipple and Davie. Would coming out and listing the mystery candidate do that much damage to our process or his current job? I doubt it.

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newsthatfits said...

Gene D is playing a high stakes game. He wanted TOB out and since he could not get permission to hire a new coach and outright fire a successful coach, he frjoze TOB out. When you get down to it, it is poor strategically and tactically to let TOB didctate timing. It shows divided AD, Trustees and Pres. Gutsy move by the AD who decided to go for it rather than keep thinking how great it might have been.

AD will sell " stone left unturned..." and the "we got the best coach given ..." so he make it look as difficult and complicted as possible. So many names and some intrigue fits the messy politics. I hope that Davie is there just so that if one doesn't like the ultimate choice they will be happy that it is not Davie. Go Gene!