Monday, December 11, 2006

Basketball's big win and more coaching stuff

While the majority of BC fans await the announcement of our new football coach, the basketball teams continues to play well. With the win over Maryland last night, the early losses to Vermont and Providence seem like a distant memory. The foul shooting needs improvement and the half court sets are not nearly as crisp as they were last season, but two things are much, much better -- our transition game and our defense. Sean Williams is obviously the biggest factor in the defensive improvement, but there are some other things going on too. There is a lot less switching…now I don’t know if this is by design or just coincidence early on, but fewer switching leads to fewer open shots and better rebounding. I expect teams to start to exploit this with more movement. The other thing is defensive rebounding. Dudley, Marshall, Williams and Spears all hit the boards hard, helping limit second chance points. I cannot wait for the Kansas gave.

Here is an interview with Dudley. I would love to see us come out with an alternate uniform for an ACC game this year.

New coach stuff

Gene interviewed Whipple yesterday. This is a good sign and confirms that he is right in the mix. On a more upsetting note, I continue to receive info regarding Bob Davie. With the TOB move, Gene clearly showed that he has his pulse on the fanbase. He must know that the Davie hire would not be well received. Keep your fingers crossed that this is just one friend doing another a favor.

As I said last week, Flutie doesn’t have the time to be our new coach.

Richmond Coach Dave Clawson is certainly under the radar but has a good track record.

This article is not going to help our Bowl reputation. I am still surprised Swofford didn’t do more to ensure that the ACC’s backyard bowl didn’t end up with a more ticket friendly matchup.


Anabasis said...

I think Swofford entered the season assuming an in-state team would finish bowl eligible but not atop the conference and would inherit the bid. When Wake won the ACC as the sole in-state bowl team, Swofford got caught with his pants down and had to scramble to fill the bid.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of this blog, but am very disappointed in the attention the blogger at "The House that Skinner Built" blog has given the hoopsters, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own blog to complement this one and "For Here Men Are Men" (another good one). I am a ridiculously hard-core BC hoops fan and season ticket holder for 15 years. Love Skinner. I'll be at:

Hope you guys check that out and give me some BC props. There will be a lot of good angry content coming as I get more familiar with how the blog works.

ATL_eagle said...

Good luck angry.

ATL_eagle said...

And here is another BC blog...

GordonsLeftFoot said...

I really don't like hearing that Davie is actually interviewing today. I hope you are right ATL, it better be a favor to an old friend.

I am still intrigued by this "mystery candidate."

While at the Hoops game last night I heard they will be interviewing him tomorrow and likely making the announcement as early Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't read too much into any interviews with Davie. There is no way DeFilippo would hire him over Whipple and incur the wrath of people like me. While he might interview Davie, I think it's a bag job for Whipple, and that a couple of interviews with other candidates are just for show (i.e., to show Whipple there are some other candidates when it comes time to talk turkey on $).