Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Latest, fundraising and some AOL Stuff

Rumors are flying and most are good. This is what I know and can confirm:
-- There is more interest in the job than anticipated. Many guys are throwing their names out there especially from the NFL assistant and mid level college list.
-- We have money to spend. Gene is not going to overspend, but money will not be an issue for the guys we are targeting.
-- Gene is moving fast. This scares me a little. We need to make the right hire. But I trust Gene and company will do this well.
-- Johnson is staying at Navy.

As for naming names. I only know what people share but most of the leading guys were on the lists I published last night.

I'll keep the BC stuff and speculation here, but over at the AOL Fanhouse I've put up some TOB-NC State focused stuff (here and here). Basically I think TOB might be an awkward fit at NC State.

Also some great alums have come up with an idea to support the school and Gene. They are buying Car Care Bowl tickets and donating them to charity. This will help our travel rep and send word to Gene that our fans will spend money with the right coach. I also encourage you all to give to the General Fund or the Flynn Fund. If you give, your voice will be heard.


Anonymous said...

seriously, this blog makes my life better. thank you for fantastic coverage and the breaking news.

BCweinerdog said...

Could this be an indication that folks in the coaching profession recognize BC's cupboards to be more full than empty, and are eager to make their mark on the program and in the profession with a big run next year?

Anonymous said...

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Alex L. said...

SSP: Your coke addiction is starting to show. A barely legible, meaningless, profanity ridden post at 1 AM? Just calm down already.

Alex L. said...

There's a new article in the Globe with quotes from Greg Barber, the trustee who started the HC endowment chair. I cannot believe Barber said those things publicly. This makes it look like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I can understand he had reservations with what went on, but I'm sure he wasn't as close to it as Gene and TOB. And regardless, if he had those comments, he should have voiced them to Gene first, or at least told Gene he was going to the press with it if they wanted to quote him. I'm surprised by this.

DMZEagle said...

Re: Greg Barber's comments, I'm sure considering it's his personal donation that's endowed the HC position I'm thinking he might have taken things a little too personally. A lot of media sources are trumpeting TOB's salary at BC vs NCSU etc etc. But I'm sure things'll settle down once we have a new head coach. Someone who I hope will repeatedly kick TOB's ass repeatedly.

newsthatfits said...

If Greg Barber wants to talk publically because Gene doesn't have the good sense to keep him at least modestly informed shame on Gene. $3.5 should get you phone call from time to time, particularly when you have no track record of major hires.

If Gene was certain a change needed to be made (it did), the question should have been what is the best way and timing to do it for BC. Letting TOB and another school decide is less than smart. And now it hits in last weeks before commitments.

If BC truly had the chance at Butch Davis or like non-current college coach and cheaped their way out of the opportunity to manage the timeline *&%#@.