Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't buy everything the media says

This is more follow up based on emails and stuff flying out there. Don't concern yourself with most media. There are very few informed sources around here. Also don't worry about us making a splash or getting a "name." It really doesn't matter. If we hire an unknown (like TOB was), it won't matter what ESPN thinks. What will matter is how he coaches and recruits. This is about us...BC. Don't worry about what anyone outside of BC thinks of this hire.

Now regarding rumors and trusted sources...

Who can you trust?
-- Michael Vega. Vega frustrates with not breaking news, but he is solid and has BC sources outside of TOB. If he lists names you can bet they came from Gene D.
-- Steve Conroy is more unknown. He is aggresive and broke the Ohliger thing, so he might break something here. Because he pissed off TOB with the Ohliger situation, I don't know who he is talking to. Regardless, I respect his work and think there will be validity to what he prints.
-- Bob Ryan. Ryan comes and goes on the BC coverage, but he is still an insider. Still tight with Gene. Still loves BC. And was starting to see the limitations of TOB.
-- Pat Forde. He is tight with multiple people in the athletic department.
-- David Glenn. Although he is on Tobacco Road, he is a very connected and solid reporter.
-- Tony Barnhart. Friendly with Gene.

Who can you not trust?
-- Anyone from ESPN outside of Pat Forde. TOB's daughter works at ESPN, so everything they say will probably take the TOB spin.
-- All the other major media outlets. No offense to these guys. BC is just not their focus. So whatever they say will be the standard "BC cannot pay. Fish out of water in the ACC." etc.
-- Mark Blaudschun. He is already getting it wrong. He said that the TOB thing just happend Tuesday. Not true. The two sides were exploring/talking as early as Nov. 30.
-- Mike Farrell. Farrell's sources are TOB and his staff. So anything he said is going to be from a TOB slant. TOB is gone. We need to focus on the BC slant.

Rumors: BC doesn't or won't pay.

Not a concern. Even if we go cheap we can still find a good coach who wants to be at BC.

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