Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Morning After

Thanks for all the emails. I want to take a moment to try and calm some fears. This is a good thing. We needed a change. Risk is inherent with change, but I am not worried. We won before TOB arrived. We will win again. Ever to Excel.

Now to some specific concerns...

1. We will take a huge hit on the field next year. Maybe. It is a very talented team coming back. The schedule is much tougher, but there is no reason to think that next year is a lost cause. But even if we really fall, the change should not be viewed as a one season issue. It is a five to ten year issue. We might have to take a step back in order to move forward. Would you take 6-6 next year for a shot at the Peach Bowl in 2009?

2. Recruiting is toast and current players will leave. Again…maybe. But any coach worth his salt will do his best to keep this class intact and keep the current kids on board. But there will be gaps in any transition. This needs to be viewed with a slightly longer perspective.

3. We can’t/won’t pay enough for a quality coach. I think we will pay more than TOB was making for the right coach. But even with a budget (say under 750K) you can find a really good assistant looking to move up or a MAC-type coach looking for a bigger opportunity.

So everyone take a deep breath. I think this will work out. And if it doesn’t and we end up with Henning Part II, we have proven that we can overcome and bounce back from that too.


ORDEagle said...

I guess they have already figured out TOB - this is pulled off of the NY Times website!

December 7, 2006
N.C. State May Fire B.C. Coach O'Brien
Filed at 10:23 a.m. ET

VinsanityBC said...

I COMPLETLY DISAGREE THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO US!!! TOB IS AWFUL! We aren't going to take a step back at all. I believe this is our ticket to a BCS Bowl next year. Screw the Peach Bowl in 09. Orange Bowl in 07 is more like it. TOB is a joke and he is NCSTATE's Garbage now.
I think Gene is going to do the right thing and make a splash. We are going to land Whipple or Fassil you will see.

IM Hipp said...

This is comical

"We won before TOB arrived. We will win again. Ever to Excel."

When did we win before? Flutie for 3 years. Coughlin for 2 years and Henning for 1.

So before TOB BC had 6 good years in what 30 years.

I am correct.

ATL_eagle said...

LA Eagle. I think that is a typo in the AP slug.

ORDEagle said...

I know - I just thought it was funny! The article is the same one that was on the wires all morning.

By the way - nice work on this. Your blog was the first place I checked after seeing the speculation this morning.

ATL_eagle said...

Hipp, you are full of it. Historically BC wins at a 58% clip. And if facilities and tradition are so important explain our current ACC Champ.

Alex L. said...

This is totally OT:

If you haven't already, get over to EDSBS, and their new Commandante. I have never laughed at a blog harder in my life! Good times.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling all of you, BC should hire Jim Harbaugh who is a D1-AA coach with USD. He took a 2-8 program and transformed it in 3 years. In the last two years he has lost 1 game and rode an 18 game winning streak. His team moved all the way up to #13 in the polls this year, and this is coming from a school that offers 0, that's right, 0 football scholarships compared to 53 everyone else offers in D-1AA. His teams are offensively gifted every year averaging in the neighborhood of 40+ points a game. He has groomed a quarterback whos projected to be a third round pick if he came out early this year (not bad for a 1-AA qb). He's dabbled his feet in the coaching selection process when he expressed interest in Iowa St. this year and Rutgers last year. He would be a perfect fit into the system and type of program BC has and would make them instant winners. Plus, he would probably bring his entire coaching staff who all have NFL experience. Nothing could be better for BC.

Alex L. said...

The more I hear about this Jim Harbaugh guy, the more I like him. But who knows what names GDF has in his rolodex?

Anonymous said...

He's none other than the Jim Harbaugh who played QB at Michigan under Schmembechler and who played in the NFL with the Colts. He's got his D-1AA school as the talk of the town, even over the D-1 school in San Diego St., who lets face it, would get destroyed by the little Catholic school that could USD.

Anonymous said...

Harbaugh is absolutely MY #1. If you listed all the attributes you want in a landmark hire, this guy has them. Although making statements like these seem pretty silly, Harbaugh could be the next Bobby Bowden or JoePa if BC plays it right. I think he's something like 40 or 41.

I think the best thing Harbaugh has going for him is where he's coming from. An element in any major BC hire (administrators, professors, etc) is trying to "hire for mission." No football coach in the country understands what a Jesuit school wants from a coach more than this guy. I have no idea how much say Leahy has in choosing candidates, but I think Harbaugh would have to be the Leahy favorite if he's considered.

Darren said...

TOB did what he could here and now its time for everybody to move on. It is a good situation for us and I think there are a lot of interesting options. I hope that we take a serious look at Jon Tenuta. His defense has given GT major wins and got them to the ACC championship game this year in spite of Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball. Plus, his defense is fun to watch. I could do with a little excitement from the Eagles.

Harbaugh's resume sounds interesting, but as a Bears fan, I have too many memories of idiotic passes and well-deserved chew outs from Ditka to take him seriously.