Thursday, December 07, 2006

My short list

There are plenty of good coaches who can and will come to BC. Now it is on Gene and Father Leahy to do this right. I just rattled off 18 guys. There are many more out there who could win at the Heights. For those looking for my summaries they are linked below. All that said, these are the five guys I would talk to first:

1. Jim Fassel
2. Rob Spence
3. Mike Sullivan
4. Mark Whipple
5. Al Golden

Expanded Lists:

-- TOB Coaching Tree
-- Fan Favorites
-- Current College Head Coaches
-- NFL assistants
-- College assistants


Anonymous said...

i feel like this is a super-important hire for Gene and BC. we need to take advantage of FSU's current down-cycle if we want to become a perrenial power. FSU will rebound soon and then the window will be closed. they shouldnt play it safe. hire one of the assistants who can really recruit. obviously, it should be a guy who fits BC, but i think that's what Gene is supposed to do: find the best coach that can succede at BC. i just doubt whether hes willing to take a risk.

Anonymous said...

Whipple is the man, and GDF should do whatever he can to get him, pay $1.5M if necessary. Whipple had a solid record at Brown and then left to take over UMass in 1998. UMass was 2-9 in 1997, but the cupboard was pretty full with 16 returning starters. What happened? In his first season, UMass won the National Championship. He had a solid 6-7 years there, and then bolted for the Steelers to be QB Coach. What happened? He developed Roethlesburger and the Steelers were contenders, eventually winning the Super Bowl last year. So now he has a National Championship and a Super Bowl ring. Credibility at both levels, and the all important NFL connections that make recruits drool (see Weis, Charlie). And on top of that, the cupboard is full at BC, with 17 returning starters, including the 1st team all-acc QB. It is a plumb job for a guy like Whipple. He'd probably come to BC, kick ass for 3-4 years and then move on to a head coaching job in the pros. While being used as a stepping stone is not ideal, sometimes it's worth it, like when Coughlin was here. That was the last time, in my opinion, that BC really had a nasty team, one that could hang with anyone in the country (and should have gone to the Sugar Bowl had David Green not fumbled up 14-10 against WVirginia with 2 minutes left, but I digress). So make no mistake about it, this is THE FUCKING GUY if we can get him, and I think we can.

Alex F. said...

Great summary--just 2 names I'd add; Jim Leavitt (South Florida HC) and Rex Ryan (Ravens DC)

Anonymous said...

Disagree about Fassel. No real college experience and could be another Henning.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Now I read your Fassel synopsis and I agree with what you said. Disregard my last comment.

Alex L. said...

Holy crap. This is what happens when you have kids: you go to bed at 8:30 and all hell breaks loose overnight. I just read Bill's outstanding collection of posts. Great coverage, Bill!

This is an exciting time for BC. This is the first coaching hire in my time as a BC fan that I feel confident that we will get a good coach. When Coughlin left, BC was startled and had to scramble to find someone, anyone. We all know who we got. When Henning left, BC was the black sheep and again, we had no leverage in hiring. We got TOB who righted the ship and made the program respectable again. Now we have outgrown TOB and it's time to move on. We are a much more attractive program for a coach looking for a respectable school who's willing to build a legacy. I'd like this guy to have staying power. But if we can at least keep him for 4-5 years and if he builds a tradition of winning and going to good bowls, it'll be worth it. For the first time in about 15 years, we have leverage in hiring. The season isn't even over yet and there are alot of changes across the coaching landscape. So the program is in good shape and the timing is perfect. Nad we have more money for salaries. I have faith in GDF that he will make a good hiring decision, whomever that may be.

Go BC!

PS: In my opinion, the NCST job for TOB was at best a lateral move. Yeah, he'll get paid more and probably beat the snot out of us next year, but have you read some of the comments on the David Glenn blog? Alot of Pack fans are not thrilled about this. HA!

IM Hipp said...

For the record I am a BC Grad and I worked for the Canes during a couple of National Championship years. Snot Nose and all you clowns who cuss and dump on TOB have no idea. Just clueless. I am amazed you made it thru BC in 4 years (if you did).

BC is a not a good job. We were lucky that TOB stayed 10 years. I have been told this by the coaches who would bust my chops about being from BC. They are amazed that BC even competes in the ACC. Other than the BC offensive line they felt they were better at EVERY position every year and maybe that is why we haven't beat them in 22 years. Going forward we will not beat Va Tech, will not beat FSU but now we will lose to the Clemson's, Georgia Tech's, UNC every year now unless we get a stalwart in here

You guys got what you wanted. Let's see when we are 5-7 next year. The next hire better be a miracle worker.

Alex L. said...

Oh no! You mean the coaching staff at Miami during their national champ years was saying they were better than BC? What a shock! You're right, based on what the people at the U said, we definitely should call TOB back and beg for mercy.

The truth is BC had two choices: stay put or take a chance and get better. I'm pleased with taking a chance to get better. Now all we need is to hire a coach and pay him well.

Anonymous said...

Wrong wrong wrong you loser. BC is a fantastic job. There is absolutely no pressure, it's a pro sports town and there are two beat writers assigned to the team who do nothing but waive pom-poms. It is probably one of a handful of stress-free HC jobs in the country, and can be a good stepping stone for someone with higher aspirations (see Coighlin, Tom). BC has competed very very well in 2 of the 6 BCS conferences for years and years. They were a legitimate Top 10 team in 1993-1994. In fact, ever since Penn State left the recruiting market, we haven't had any real competition for the northeast corridor athletes. So we have more than enough talent to continue to compete, and should have enough with the right coach to have a breakout year every 4-5 years. We also have some decent history. Let's face it, we have been a solid Top 20-25 program for the better part of 25 years (with a couple of brief peaks and valleys), and a Heisman Trophy and Outland Trophy winner. Plenty of alums in the NFL. This is no Vanderbilt or Indiana. TOB was the right man for the job, a good steward of the program, but he overstayed his welcome. His passionless approach left the team flat and exposed to WTF games every year, which always cost us 2nd tier bowls, let alone 1st tier bowls. Leaving the WTF losses alone for a second, how many WTF wins were there over the years? Central Michigan this year? Boise State, Wake last year? Ball State and Rutgers the year before? And most of all, one bigtime concern I have had about TOB in is how he would fare once BC's peers in the ACC got accustomed to his game. In the old Big East, BC used to do well against its peers (Syracuse, Pitt, W Virginia), but they figured him out. His last three years he was 2-7 against those teams, a record masked by really really soft out of conference opponents and the Big Boys (Miami and VTech) leaving the last year. I think it would be a matter of time before Clemson, NC State, Virginia and Maryland starting pounding TOB on a regular basis. Time for him to go. This is a fantastic opportunity for some young coach, and they will take BC to a higher level if GDF makes the right hire. More importantly, no more boring football.

flutie22phelan20 said...

A few things...

BC is going to take an absolute pounding in the press for O'Brien leaving to a peer school.

So, we can't go hiring somebody like Al Golden with his absolutely horrid record at Temple last year. We need an actual football COACH, not only a recruiter.

I'm not exactly adverse to a coach who would use BC as a stepping stone...I want BC to hire somebody who is a winner, and who is fiery, to inject some life into the program. So long as he is willing to rework the offense, Paul Johnson fits that role.

For all of those thinking that BC is not a good job--that's absurd. It's not a great job, true, but it ain't a bad one. You can come in here, and begin to win immediately; the foundation is already built. If Iowa State can get the hottest assistant coach in the country, WHAT ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH WOULD PREVENT BC FROM DOING THE SAME?!?!?!

The only answer to that is MONEY. If we're willing to spend it, the program will be on solid ground for years to come. If not, we're not far away from Duke North. The decision, frankly, is more about how much the Admin is willing to pay. Once that's established, then we can make the lists.

IM Hipp said...

NO the coaching staff then 89-93 and now (I talked to one of the coaches 3 weeks ago before the game). They thought Coughlin was a miracle worker and then marveled at O'Brien. The coach I spoke with couldn't believe this team was 9-2

Get a grip. TOB is an excellent coach

IM Hipp said...

Gene Chizik went to ISU because:

He can win quickly. He schemed against these guys the last 2-3 years. If he goes 7-5 for 2 years he is coaching Alabama.

Is BC a steppingstone job? Yes. Do you want a different coach every 3 years? Well if you do then expect mediocrity.

Rob S said...

I wish TOB the best and think he did an incredible job at BC. He was a perfect fit for this program and took it to another level. I haven't been on the Fire TOB Bandwagon, but I also do not think he could move us to the next level.

This is a chance for BC to solidify itself as a top tier program and I hope GDF finds a way to spend the money needed to do so.

One name that I haven't heard out there but might be interesting is Ron Zook. I just read an article saying 22 of 24 starters at Florida were recruited by him. And I don't think Illinois is as cherry a job as BC.

I would also like to see Norm Chow get a look and at least have us express interest in him (I have my doubts about him being interested in us). One last person is Greg Schiano who has already said that he doesn't want the Miami job, but he might be willing to move up 95 for a more stable program.

Alex L. said...

IM Hipp:

Listen. Don't get me wrong. I was a big TOB supporter up to the Wake Forrest game. That coupled with their eventual win in the ACC changed EVERYTHING. TOB was leapfrogged by a school with more football disadvantages than BC.

Sure, I can picture the fat cats at the U laughing at our little Catholic school trying to play with the big boys. And why not, they've beat us for 100 years.

But your take on the situation is ultimately defeatist and does nothing to help the program. We will always be at a disadvantage when compared to Miami, FSU and ND. But what are we supposed to do as fans? Everyone (including alot of people in the media) felt that TOB had hit the ceiling. We have the talent and we upgraded our facilities and we upgraded conferences. There's nothing we can do about our strict standards and our piss-poor fan base (at least in the short term). So we need a coach who basically is TOB OFF the field but a totally different guy ON the field. This is where I lost faith in him. We were SOOOO CLOOSE to winning the ACC for the past two years. But we blew it because of poor on the field coaching. If Wake and Rutgers can do it, we can definitely do it. And we can do it better and for a longer time.

Deacon Drake said...

I like Paul Johnson, but I think he would fill in a little too seemlessly to TOB's mold. He'll win games, graduate athletes, recruit well, but I think that type of coach will always play the 9 win rut.

Depending on the hire, I think it may be imperative to bring in another offensive coordinator. Mike Kruczek in currently banished to NFL hell, and while his discipline and recruiting records suck, he can coach and offense and groom a QB.

I don't know enough about Whipple or Sullivan to make informed comments on them. Al Golden would be an Amato-esque hire.

Not sure where this leaves us, but clearly to compete for proven HCs, BC will have to open the checkbooks.

flutie22phelan20 said...

Oh really, you go 7-5 for two years at Iowa State and you go coach Alabama?

Thank you for gracing us all with your wisdom. Perhaps you might be able to note the records that Iowa State's coach has put up over the past 5 2002, 2004 & 2005, Dan McCartney went 7-5. I noticed they FIRED him after this year; and Alabama isn't calling.

BC very well might be a stepping stone job, and that's just fine by me. It's a damn good one, and we should be able to get a damn good coach in here.

Jamie M said...

The debate has raged at BC for a few years on the qualifications of TOB, and if anything, we're about to find out just how much he was under or overappreciated in these circles. But the relief of moving on from the TOB plateau is starting to give way to fear. I am scared shitless of GeneD hiring a buddy like Davie. We used to relish playing ND w/ Davie at the helm b/c he sucked. We knew BC would win. The thought of GeneD hiring this guy to make a splash is terrifying.

I badly want Whipple on board at the Heights, but GeneD is publicity-driven and there's a lotta pressure now that TOB moved laterally in our new conference. It will be hugely surprising if GeneD does not go for the big name of Fassell or Davie. This sux.