Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Statefans Nation and TOB

I love StateFans Nation. They supported me early and have guest blogged here in the past. They are now reporting that TOB is the No. 1 candidate for the NC State job. I have not provided any info or rumors to them. And they seem pretty excited about TOB and his potential there. No one over there asked me, but here is my opinion on TOB going to NC State.

-- He would be slightly better than he was at BC, but not BCS caliber. Plenty of Peach and Gator Bowls.
-- If TOB leaves, I see him struggling against VTech and UNC. I promise you that he will kill BC every year. He has a knack for winning one game he really wants to win each season (Notre Dame) and if he left us, BC would become that game.
-- I still think his style and approach would see NC State losing a WTF game (Duke, Akron, etc).
-- He would recruit well.
-- He would improve your graduation rates.
-- He will not win the ACC…ever.

If he leaves it will all be about money and a fresh start because he has hinted in the past that if he would never want to coach at:
1. A basketball school (with all things being equal basketball is still king at NC State)
2. A state school that was not the flagship (with all things being equal, UNC is still no. 1 in North Carolina).

Now people change and opinions change, but if he objects to those factors, is already coaching in the ACC, than it has got to be about the money and the slight chance that things will be different in Raleigh.


Anonymous said...

That "thwang" you heard was me getting a Whipple Boner.

Anabasis said...

............this is what TOB has done to us.

Alex F. said...

If you're worried about TOB's Wolfpack beating us then just shell out the bucks for Jim Grobe, and just to be safe bring in Walt Harris as OC. Problem solved!!

Anonymous said...

NC State fans are going to have the same prob with Tom O'Brien that had with Herb Sendek. Good Coach, Good Guy, wins games. but he cant win the big game, his team is boring, and hes not Butch Davis or Jim Grobe