Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Williams going for 15

Earlier this week Sean Williams joked that he was going to set the NCAA record for blocks in one game against Fairfield. Sean is so laid back, it seemed more like he was having fun with his former BC assistant and current Fairfield coach Ed Cooley. Regardless of his intention, I was intrigued by the thought of Sean blocking 15 shots in one game (the NCAA record is 14 and shared by David Robinson, Loren Woods, Roy Rogers and Shawn Bradley). I think he can do it, but not against Fairfield.

To block 15 shots, a game has to be fairly uptempo. In Sean's best day (12 against Providence) the Fiars put up 65 shots. Fairfield plays at a slower pace and has averaged 47 shots per game. To break the record tonight, he would have to block nearly a third of Fairfield's shots. And considering Williams is averaging just over 30 minutes a game, he would probably only be on the court for 35 of those shots, meaning to break the record tonight he would have to block nearly 43% of the shots taken when he was present. Sean is great, but is he capable of that?

However, there is still a chance it could happen. Looking at Fairfield's box scores, one game stood out -- their matchup against Central Arkansas. In that game, Central Arkansas blocked 12 of Fairfield's shots in a low tempo game (FU only put up 44 shots).

Let's hope BC comes out strong and controls en route to a win. But if Sean gets the record, it will a huge statistical and defensive accomplishment.

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