Wednesday, January 17, 2007

5-0 in ACC play; where do we go from here?

With last night’s definitive win over Miami BC remains atop the ACC with a perfect 5-0 conference record. The once fledgling tournament hopes look much better. But the good start inadvertently raises the bar. If BC had started 3-2 in conference and finished 10-6 they would look like a strong, middle of the pack team that closed relatively well. Now with the 5-0 start, a 10-6 finish will look like the 2004 squad that peaked too soon and was bounced by Bruce Pearl’s UW Milwaukee team. In my opinion BC needs to reach 10 ACC wins to make the tourney and 13 ACC wins to be a 5 or better seed. It will be tough as the road ahead is brutal but it can be done.

Remaining ACC games and my predictions

-- At Clemson. W. Clemson got off to the best start in the country and we’ve had trouble at Littlejohn, but I think we are playing them at the right time.

-- Florida State. W. They gave us trouble last year, but I still like our chances at home.

-- Duke. L. Yes, I know it is a down year for the Dukies but Cameron is still one of the toughest places to play.

-- Virginia Tech. W. When the ACC determined that we would play Miami and VT twice every year, I thought it was a huge boost. Who knew how good the Hokies would get? We need to at least split this series. I say we take the home opener.

-- At Miami. W. They played us tough there last year, but I still like our chances in this one.

-- At Florida State. L. The ‘Noles are struggling but still have talent (Thorton) and can still pull off an upset (Florida).

-- Duke. W. After last year’s games against Duke, I think we can, will and need to win this game.

-- North Carolina. L. College Gameday is supposed to be there for this. I would love to see a win, but I think UNC’s transition game and pressure on Rice is going to be a problem.

-- Virginia Tech. L. As I said, I predict a season split with the Hokies.

-- Clemson. W. Last home game of Dudley and Marshall’s career. I bet they go out on top.

-- Georgia Tech. L. Tech gave us real problems last year. They have plenty of talent, but are still learning how to play together. By the end of the season I think they will be a very tough matchup for us.

So my prediction has us finishing 6-5 in ACC play. Not stellar. It will guarantee an NCAA bid. Our seed would really be determined by how we played in the ACC Tournament.


eagle1331 said...

What about the rumors that we've picked up 2 four star linemen recruits in 2 days? I guess Jags might be able to recruit..

LKeagle said...

The recruits must have seen Jags' speach during the basketball game last night. The crowd's reaction said it all: BC is expecting great things.

Unknown said...

That prediction looks very generous considering the recent dismissal of Williams and McLain. I don't fell bad for Williams and wished McLain was kicked off the team in september. I feel bad for Dudley and Marshall who have been playing great and now their last chance to do damage in the tourney is in jeoparday. They will be luckey right now to make the tourney.

Bravesbill said...

Both of them are idiots. Already suspended twice before and then get in trouble again. I hope Williams doesn't even get drafted. It would serve him right. I wouldn't be surprised if they were smoking it up in the wooded area behind Edmonds (Again) and got caught (Again). I do believe however that McClain was William's downfall. It seemed like he dragged Williams into mess at the beginning of the year and now into this one. I'm glad to see McClain go: he didn't do anything for BC when he was here. Now the pressure will be on Marshall and Rice to play like they have been doing the past couple of weeks. If they can't, they might not win 3 more games this year.

Capital Eagle said...

Team was rolling and looked great last night. Something was suspicious when Williams didn't start the 2nd half. I wish both of them well but should BC explain what is going on? For the sake of the students, alumni, recruits and the NCAA world, some explanation will show what the school and program are about. How much should be announced? I don't know but silence isn't the answer.