Tuesday, January 16, 2007

FSU to Foxboro? and other links

Rumors abound that BC and Florida State will play in the primetime Labor Day slot on ESPN. That is great news. The curveball in the speculation is that the game will be held in Foxboro. Nothing is official, but here are my thoughts:

-- Huge national spotlight. Great publicity for Matt Ryan and a nice introduction for Jags

-- Not on campus. This is unfortunate. Having Gameday on Campus vs. a Foxboro set is a world of differnce. For better or worse it becomes about the game and not a showcase for the school. Getting the students to the game is also a major inconvenience.

But even with the drawbacks BC should do everything it can to make this happen. I just hope that something is done for the students so they can get to the game.

Clemson is also hoping to land FSU for the Labor Day slot.

Here are a few other links…

A preview of our game against Miami.

An update on former commit Arthur Ray.

Dual threat QB Chris Johnson is considering BC.

Hoops signee signee Rakim Sanders shined in the Hoophall Classic.


flutie22phelan20 said...

I like the general idea of Foxboro for a big game to grow the fanbase, get attention in Boston, etc. BUT, I'm not sure I love it for FSU on Labor Day...BC game in Foxboro on a Sat, fine, I don't care how long it takes to get home; on a Monday, when you get home at 2am...well, that'll suck. It won't prevent me from going, obviously, but it will dissuade others on an already sports-saturated (and very trafficky) Boston weekend. It also lessens our homefield advantage.

But, I guess it all goes back to Newton and their limiting of weekday night games. If this is the only way to get the Labor Day spot, I say do it, but it's not an open and shut decision.

JC said...

FYI - Anyone remember this guy? Mark Whipple looks to be headed to the Arizona Cardinals as the OC.

"Whisenhunt wouldn’t say if he would be bringing any Steelers assistants with him for a new staff, but he reportedly will bring quarterbacks coach Mark Whipple with him to be offensive coordinator if the Steelers allow Whipple out of his contract."


Chizdog66 said...

Love your stuff. I find it doubtful that they could use Foxboro on Labor Day, given that that is the final round of the Deutsche Bank PGA tour event. The tourney uses Gillette as the primary parking lot. Would be fun to see game there with actual ample hours for tailgating!