Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BC's next chance to prove itself: FSU

BC is at the top of the conference, yet there is a feeling of just hanging on. Tuesday's game against Florida State is just another important test. The 'Noles come in with a similar record, but they have better wins and much better losses (UNC, narrow loss to Clemson, close game with GaTech, etc). BC needs to win in order to get to 10 ACC victories. I don't think BC has an answer for Al Thorton...and it scares me. BC needs to slow the pace, get some positive minutes out of Oates/Blair and hope for an off night from FSU's guards. One of my favorite bloggers, Kenpom thinks we will struggle down the stretch. Interestingly enough, he thought we would struggle even before we lost Williams. I think we will be okay, but we should give Kenpom some weight. Of the national guys he was ahead of the curve in seeing Williams potential, and also saw the flaws in some of his game before Williams got the boot. As much as I hope Dudley will carry the team, Saturday proved that Rice and Marshall need to play well too. Let's hope they do.

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ClassO10 said...

Was at the game and I must say it was unbelievable. I loved how the lineup of Rice, Marshall, Dudley, Haynes, and one of the other big guys played. Much quicker and really good at driving to the basket. Was in the student section where Marshall ran too and loved the crazy scene that soon came. Big time win after the Williams dismissal.