Monday, January 22, 2007

"At Quarterback...", and a link

Although Football is the ultimate team sport, Quarterback remains the center of attention and a key for success. BC is fortunate to have Matt Ryan coming back another year and a solid backup in Chris Crane ready to fill in at any minute. Crane will be the likely starter once Ryan leaves. But that didn’t stop the previous coaching staff from trying to land a highly-touted signal caller in this class. Despite some flirting, no QB of note committed. Jags and Company took over and started talking to all sorts of QBs. Big names, no names, northeast guys, southern kids. The first to commit was Jersey prospect Chris Johnson. Johnson previously verballed to Buffalo. He has great upside, but will be a project. So that leaves three QBs in the pipeline each with some questions.

Billy Flutie
The Good: Well liked by the old staff. Supposedly a quick learner who ran the scout team well. Would be a very popular pick with the locals.
The Bad: Did he look 6’2 on the sidelines? Played against mid-level competition in Massachusetts. Recruited as an athlete. Still some questions about his arm and ability to take a pounding.

Ross Applegate
The Good: Pro build. Played against great competition in high school. Strong arm. (Is from the ATL…ha.)
The Bad: Not as mobile as Flutie or Johnson. Some questions about his release.

Chris Johnson
The Good: Played against top competition in New Jersey. Best combo of size and speed of the three.
The Bad: Reportedly regressed over his career. Questions about his arm and mechanics.

None of these guys were highly touted out of high school. None are a sure thing and I bet that Jags will go after another QB in the next class. But here is the good news for all three (and for BC fans): they are all going to get a fair shot at being the starting Quarterback. Under the old regime the wrong guy played all the time for many reasons unrelated to football. That won’t be the case any more. And if any of these guys can outplay Chris Crane, more power to them.

I am excited at the prospect of Steve Logan coaching these kids up. If he can turn one of these guys into a star, BC will benefit on the field and in recruiting circles for a long time.

We are not the only ones who picked up on TOB's ceiling

Westerdawg produced a little thing on tenured coaches and the BCS. TOB would have topped the futility list if he hadn't bolted.

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