Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How to write an Eagle Action story

As any regular reader knows, I don't like Eagle Action. Their ethics have been questionable for years. I don’t subscribe, so I am not a regular reader of their pay articles. However, someone pointed out some blatant plagiarism in their latest piece. Because things might get changed, I asked a reader to grab a PDF of the article in question before it could be fixed.

Look at this highlighted passage.

click to enlarge

Now read this article from Caulton Tudor of the News & Observer. Aside from the taking out a phrase referencing Butch Davis, it is a word for word rip off of the other writer. The funny thing is that they reference Tudor’s interview two paragraphs later. Why bother mentioning Tudor since the stealing at that point is so blatant? But I kept reading and some other things bothered me. I just knew there was no way the EA staff did this much research on Logan this quickly. These guys are lazy. So I googled some of the phrases and stats they used in the second half of the article.

click to enlarge

Well, it seems like these guys are big fans of Caulton Tudor because, sure enough, they swiped phrases from him two other times in the piece.

Google the phrase “Harley got 42 carries for 351 yards in a 50-29 win.” The first link is from the News & Observer.

Google the seemingly random order of names EA used: “Junior Smith, Leonard Henry and Scott Harley."

I’ll give you one guess on who the first link is? That’s right, Caulton Tudor.

I know writing quickly as news breaks is tough. But it is also just as easy to point out the work of others. If you are going to plagiarize don't charge people for the content. At the end of the day my point is stop giving money to the crooks and frauds at Eagle Action.


Alex L. said...

Nice post. Way to go after the "media".

Any word on where Jags is now? Is he in the process of moving to Boston?

ATL_eagle said...

Ironically enough, Jags still has his house in suburban Atlanta. I don't know much about his moving situation. I would guess he'll be in Boston from here on out in some sort of temporary place and his family will follow him in short order or after the school year ends.

Walsh601 said...

According to this article on, Jags is supposed to be flying in to Boston today (Wednesday). He cleared out his office wearing BC gear.

Grant Salzano said...

well done on the sleuthing!!!

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Gerrardz said...

I agree with a lot of what you're saying here but it could do with more detail. They stayed away in droves.

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