Friday, January 19, 2007

New faces

Most of the week, BC fans focused on guys kicked off the basketball team departing student athletes. I'd like to shift the focus back to guys who are coming to the Heights and Jags is providing the much needed good news.

Local product Corey Eason probably would have signed under TOB too, but Jags still deserves some credit for holding off late interest from Ohio State and Miami.

John Elliott is another guy who always liked BC but was the prototype guy we have lost out on the past few seasons. Rutgers and UVA came after him hard. However, the new staff closed the deal.

The biggest surprise was the commitment of New Hampshire product Mark Spinney. Mark was headed to Syracuse until the new staff came in.

All of this is really icing on the cake. When any staff changes a recruiting class is usually the area that suffers the most. Despite all the initial worries, Jags and Company seem to be doing a great job in keeping the TOB recruits they want and finding guys that fit their plan. TOB and company were notorious for letting recruiting peter out once the season began. That cost us some great recruits like Brian Cushing. The new blood certainly presents a vitality and enthusiasm that will work well with High School kids. I think we’ll see it really pay dividends over the next two seasons. But you never know…with the way things are going Jags might get a few more surprises in this class.

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