Friday, March 16, 2007

Hack preview, my preview, Oates' diary

Here is Hack a Bracket's take on Saturday's game. All the trends favor the Hoyas. Vegas has them as an 8-point favorite.

My take
We haven't really faced a team like Georgetown this season. Since NC State scrapped their Princeton offense no other ACC team runs anything similar. However, Al and Co have faced it many times and with much success. I think we'll start in the amoeba, but move to 2-3 early and often. I haven't been able to watch Georgetown all that much, but from what I've read, the 2-3 gives them problems. They lost to Syracuse late in the season. Our only common opponent is Duke (how did we play Providence, but Georgetown did not? Gotta love the 16 team Big East.) We lost to the Devils twice. Georgetown lost once.

I think we can and will score Saturday. Especially if Oates can draw Hibbert away from the basket. They won't disrupt our play or put a ton of pressure on us full court. It will really be about running the Flex in the half court.

Georgetown should be favored. They are a great team having a great season. If we play like we did Thursday, we can win. Ever the optimist, I think we pull off the upset.

My prediction: BC 71, Georgetown 63

We won, so that means Oates' continued his diary.


ClassO10 said...

Oates went 3 for 4 from three, so the NCAA got suspicious and tested him. Hopefully whatever he has been eating keeps him shooting hot. We need him to play well.

Bravesbill said...

What the hell was Oates doing on the court in the last 3 minutes of the game. That sorry excuse of a rebound attempt by Oates cost BC the game. And what the hell was Haynes in the game for? BC needed more help in the front court Al, not on the three point line. What an absolute joke.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

If Hibbert doesn't get the Ewing treatment on every shot attempt we probably win this game.

Frustrating not being able to get rebounds, especially down the stretch, but the smaller lineup did contain penetration by gtown and allowed us to move the ball on offense, which we could not have done with the Oates & Blair tandem. I thought Al might switch to the bigger lineup or go offense/defense when they were really killing us on the boards though. But no matter what lineup we had there was going to be a mismatch. This is where Spears might have been helpful if his entire game didn't fall to pieces the last few weeks.

Dudley should have gone to the free throw line about 4 more times at least. I'm happy that we played so well in his last game, but not so happy that cbs cut away from the final 5 seconds of his career. Would have been nice to watch the smartest and maybe the best player ever to put on the bc uni walk off the court for the last time.

JC8681 said...

Agreed about Hibbert and the Ewing treatment.

And Tim, I can understand being disappointed, but a horrifying loss? The Eagles gave everything we could have asked for. Played tight D, put up a fight until the end, and almost overcame the extreme mismatch on the inside.

Bravesbill said...

That Oates "rebound" brought back memories of another big, white oaf who cost BC a game in the second round in the final minutes of play in similar fashion. Johnny meet Nate. Nate meet Johnny. Both useless bigmen killed BC.

Bosco2BC said...
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