Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pickem winner, basketball future and football rumors

Congrats to Eagles 2003for winning the pool. Email me your information and you’ll get your token prize.

David Glenn is forecasting next season’s ACC. He has us in the bottom tier. I think the currently constituted team could win 6 ACC games. I’ll reserve final judgment based on which players return to our conference rivals.

My take on the most recent articles based on rumors and second hand info…

While I am not anywhere near campus I’ve heard very good things about Ryan. As this article mentions, he is moving well, picking up the offense very well and impressing the new coaches. I think we are in for a big year from him.

As the Globe mentions, the news is not so good for Toal. I hope he redshirts. I’ve heard his weight is really down. He could use the extra year to bulk up and replace the loss muscle.

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