Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Game and ACCSelect Review

Over analyzing the Spring Game is silly. The intensity is not there, the rosters are filled with holes, and the scheming is curtailed. All that said, many positives from Saturday. Ryan threw the ball well downfield. Jags and Logan made a point in the plays and then in their interaction with the fans of “throwing it around the field.” I think these guys are conscious of BC’s reputation and are trying to reenergize the fans. Many of the young guys caught some big balls. The offensive line continued to be a mixed bag. Pass protection looked okay, but the run blocking could use some work. Reports out of practices have not been good so I don’t know if Saturday’s performance was an improvement or as bad as it has been. Don’t attribute the uneven play to the new scheme. Yes there is an adaptation but many of the stretches and other runs have been in our playbook since Jags’ first tenure at the Heights. We are just short on talent and experience and Jags and Bicknell are going to have to coach them up.

Defense looked fine, but injuries and schemes prevented them from doing much. Everything I've heard out of practices is that the D has been awesome, which is part of the reason they played basic for most of the day. Jags wanted the offense to have some breathing room.

Overall, if you just saw the product on the field, you would not have known we have a new coaching staff. However, Gatorade baths, trying to please fans and a few roster moves and wrinkles made it a good start to the Jags era.

ACC Select

I was able to watch this game through the wonders of ACC Select. It is the new online On Demand video service for non-televised events. While the focus will be on the non-revenue sports, this type of system will be a godsend for things like the Spring Game or some of our basketball exhibitions. It still has an amateur feel: there were only a few simple graphics and the camera work and cuts are not clean, but the visuals and the stream were very good. The highlight for me was hearing the ZBC guys provide the color commentary. As a former ZBCer, I have a soft spot for these guys and they did well considering they're unpaid students with no production support and it is essentially a scrimmage. Granted on TV, you’d never have a soundless interview like they had with Shamari Spears in the second quarter. Ari and Mike seemed like they were having fun and I hope their friends and family enjoyed their TV work. I know if this feature had been around in my day, my mother would have watched it on an endless loop.

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