Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Game mega post

All reports from the Spring Game were glowing. The weather was great, good attendance, a baseball game in the background and a definite change in attitude among the fans and coaches. If you missed the game go to and watch it on demand. I plan on watching it this week and will post my thoughts after. Alex was there and posted a good recap on his blog.

Thanks to Kristofer C. and Huelsebu for sharing some of their pics below.

Finally a tip of the hat for job well done to the Herald's Steve Conroy. He wrote a great feature about Jags' path back to Boston and was the first to write about the challenges the Jagodzinskis faces with their youngest daughter Jacqui who suffers from autism and epilepsy. I really respect the way Jags and his family are handling this. These things are so sensitive and private and tough to handle publically. I knew about Jacqui during the hiring process, but as long as Jags wasn't talking about it, I wasn't going to write about it. He didn't use it as part of who he is in the process, but now that he has settled in and Jacqui's going to be attending the Campus School the time was right for him to open up about this issue.

There are many advantages to being a head coach and one of them is to use your platform to shed light on things that otherwise wouldn't get attention. Hopefully Jags and Lisa will find a way to give back and the BC community will support them.


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Andrew said...

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There was a reason the Giants did not view the need to draft an outside linebacker with much urgency, the way most onlookers outside Giants Stadium did. The Giants realized that they found a starting outside linebacker in last year’s draft.

They plan to move defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, last year’s first-round draft choice, to strongside linebacker, which is known as Sam in football parlance.

“We already have him penciled in as our Sam linebacker, so linebacker wasn’t a pressing need for us,” General Manager Jerry Reese said.

The Giants say Kiwanuka has the versatility to move up to stop the run and drop back to protect against the pass, and the burst to rush the passer. Mainly, they see the plan as a way to keep him on the field, rather than have him rotate with the starting ends, Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora.

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