Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ACC Championship news and other links

I've been saying for a while that Jacksonville will do what it takes to keep the fledgling ACC Championship game. Despite the poor ticket sales the city wants to keep the game. It is the ACC who is looking elsewhere. Tampa is primed to make a bid and will probably make for a better host.

Orson likes our hire of Steve Logan as offensive coordinator and captures the essence of the move as only EDSBS can.

Doug Flutie will take his rightful place in the College Football Hall of Fame. (hat tip to Tom C for the link.)

Here is a nice profile on Kiwi’s return to Uganda.

Recruiting gurus are calling Masengo Kabongo the most important target of BC’s recruiting class (BC talk is about halfway down the article.)

This ACC recap by Tony Barnhart got a lot of BC fans in a tizzy. I am giving Tony a pass on this. His focus and audience is not BC fans. While calling Applegate the expected backup is a huge stretch, he got most of it right and usually gives BC a fair shake.


Unknown said...

Kabongo is from Fairfield, CT not NJ.

Unknown said...

When I got to the bottom of the Kiwi article, I was surprised to find a Tim Hasselbeck mention.

Seems he & Liz were invited to the white-tie reception for QE2 at the White House. He sat with Barbara Bush, Tony Snow, & the winning jockey from the Derby.