Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Going back to Cali

According to the Globe we are close to scheduling a series with USC. I posted the USC angle at the Fanhouse. Here are a few more BC-centric thoughts on the matchup…

This would be a huge game. First it would offset any lingering negativity about losing Notre Dame on the schedule. If we can’t play the Irish, why not play their biggest rival. Also we’ve rarely play out west despite our considerable alumni presence in California. I also think a matchup against the Trojans has that intangible aspect that would get diehards like me to make the trip to the Coliseum.

Outside of the fansbase enthusiasm, playing a game there also enables us to dip our toes in the deep Southern California recruiting base filled with numerous catholic school powerhouses.

While nothing is signed yet, it certainly is an indicator that things may be changing at the Heights. The lightening of our non-conference schedule has been a hot point for critics that past few seasons. Playing New England DIAA teams and a few MAC afterthoughts came off as padding of our schedule. I was talking to current BC sophomore a few months ago and he was blown away that my sophomore year we played Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame out of conference. Now there is a middle ground between those extremes. For every Maine, we should play a USC. That sort of balance combined with the annual game with Syracuse will give us credibility with the fans and media. I am glad Gene and Jags are stepping up.

One other bit of speculation...but I think Jags and Gene have good relationships with Carroll: Jags through their common Offensive Line Consultant Alex Gibbs; Gene’s son works on Lane Kiffin’s staff (Lane was Carroll’s longtime protégé). While all coaches have a network, it is nice to see us attempt to build on these relationships instead of just looking for another game against the next Buffalo.

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flutie22phelan20 said...

Jags + scheduling of USC = sea change in the program's philosophy.