Monday, May 07, 2007

Jags as OC: Game 11, Army 1997

Offensively this game didn’t mean much. However, a small stirring in the stands would have long term implications.

Stat Line
First downs 23
Rushed-yards 28-96
Passing yards 393
Sacked-yards lost 3-18
Return yards 23
Passes 31-46-1
Punts 3-25.0
Fumbles-lost 2-0
Penalties-yards 9-57
Time of possession 29:24

What can we learn from the game? Jags will chuck it when he has to. All the talk this spring has been about “throwing it around.” But in his time calling plays 10 years ago we were pretty run oreinted. I think a closer look shows that Jags was more concerned with what was working and what the opposition presented. In a case like Army, where we out skilled them and could give Hasselbeck protection, we threw it 46 times. It is also important to note that just because we threw it, didn’t mean we ignored our playmakers. Mike Cloud caught three balls for 52 yards.

I referenced the long term implications at the top because this was the day where the BC student section began to turn and the Super Fans first gained notice. In the past when a team like Army took a lead, many BC students would head for an exit. This game was different. Fans hung in there. Late in the 4th quarter guys even took off their shirts as it began to snow. The team rewarded this behavior with a win and a post game salute. That student enery has grown since and I am hoping Jags gives us a product on the field that will spread the Super Fan passion to all sections of the stadium.

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Goberry said...

As one of those inebriated students who took their shirts off and stormed the field against freaking Army, I lament that ever since that game, BC calls in the Staties to surround the field after even a mediocre win. It is a sad display each time.