Monday, May 07, 2007

Thoughts on weekend news

Here are few links you may or may not have read over the past few days:

BC officials held a town hall-like meeting with Brighton residents regarding our plans for the "Brighton Campus" fka the St John's seminary land. Ideally it will be a mutli-use athletic area with baseball as the focal point. I am glad we are reaching out, but given all the challenges we've had over the years with expansion and renovations, I say BC needs to be very forceful in this process and not let every little petition or threat of legal action slow things down.

Here's a report of Beekman's first rookie camp with the Bears.

A litte update on Sele's prospects with the Redskins.

Potential basketball transfer Joe Trapani will be on campus Tuesday to check out the Heights.

Here is a quick update on some football prospects we are talking to.

This article on San Antonio's attempt to host the Big XII championship references the ACC's challenges in Jacksonville. I think people continue to miss the point about the issues and alleged struggles of Jacksonville hosting the ACC Championship game. While attendance was down, the game is still a very big deal for the city. Outside of the Florida-UGA game and the Gator Bowl, the city doesn't have many other events to draw in non-resident sports fans. Hosting the ACC game is nice little bump for the area during their usual dead time. While the organizers technically lost money, as long as the greater Jacksonville area makes money look for them to continue to host the game.

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