Friday, May 04, 2007

Thoughts on rule changes and an ACC Now update

The NCAA is moving back the Men's 3-point line. While this might seem like good news for a team like BC that doesn't take many 3s, I think it will actually hurt us. Defensively we've always been poor on the perimeter and invited 3s. This created the occasional nightmare game where we get buried, but more often than not Al's strategy of beating people with 2s while they chuck 3s has been sound. Now teams are less likely to take 3s, meaning they will revert to offenses closer to our style. With our offense less unique and other teams operating as efficiently, we'll be forced to play better defense. Not our strong suit. But I'll wait for the actual play to support the top of mind hypothesis I just threw together.

In other NCAA news, prep school rules have been tightened to limit high school athletes to four years to get their core work done. This hurts BC as well. Over the past 20 years we've been accepting prep athletes in basketball, football and hockey. For the most part these guys have contributed and graduated through our programs. Now many of these football and basketball players will head to Junior Colleges. We are much less likely to bring in a kid from Junior College (for a variety of reasons) than from a New England or Virginia prep boarding school. I don't know the hockey scene well enough to know where their prep candidates will head instead of a fifth year of high school.

Finally in response to my questions raised about ACC Now pulling their Glasper quotes, Joe Giglio of ACC Now had this to say:

"In the interest of fairness and journalistic integrity, comments made by former Boston College football player Ryan Glasper were removed from ACC Now in order to compile a more complete collection of the facts. We hope to have a new report as soon as possible."

I look forward to their report.


BCDisco said...

I don't get it. So did they lie when they said he said those things?

Alex L.

ATL_eagle said...

I don't get it either Alex. I replied to Giglio and asked if TOB would be quoted in the follow up but he has yet to respond. I think the quotes are probably accurate. Misquoting Glasper would surely call for a retraction from the paper and/or blog.

Unknown said...

RE: hockey and prep schools.......

Leagues like the USHL are generally where "post grad" players end up, especially if they're not quite ready for D1 out of high school.


Dports1 said...

DOes this mean Oates will stop taking uncalled for 3 pointers?

Probably Not

flutie22phelan20 said...

Given Oates' apparent shot selection criteria--the lower percentage, the better--he'll probably shoot more of them.