Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Big East problems and other links

BC took (and still takes) an enormous amount of flack for the Big East departure. While money and prestige were driving factors, the school and its leaders clearly said the unmanageable size of the conference and the football basketball split were reason enough alone to leave. Well after the Big East meetings, it is clear that Gene and Father Leahy were right. The Big East remains inefficient and lacks direction or leadership. The dual sport schools are not happy and a break up looms. Thankfully it is not BC’s problem.

Halfway down this police log is a little blurb about former BC linebacker Ray Henderson. He was busted with a large amount of various drugs. I don’t think they were all for his consumption so he might be looking at some jail time. Disappointing and stupid (to say the least).

Profile on John Harbaugh, who claims he interviewed for the BC job. I never heard his name mentioned so think it probably did not get beyond the phone call stage.

Here is scouting profile on Jared Dudley. I hope he lands on the right team.


matthew2 said...

It's too bad about Ray... he was a really nice guy and always a warrior on the field

Bravesbill said...

I do believe I was calling for BC to give him the job the entire time. I love in San Diego so I heard all of the updates of Harbaugh's job search and the U-T never mentioned that he even spoke with BC.

Bravesbill said...

Never mind, I'm retarded and didn't actually read the article. JIM Harbaugh should have been given the job though.